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On this site we will be providing you with lots of useful information and advice relating to health care insurance. It can be difficult to know where to start when you've never taken out private medical insurance before, and it isn't always clear what the best type of cover is for your circumstances. Luckily there are many excellent private medical insurance companies on the market who provide a wide range of cover for every need. So whether you're an individual looking for basic cover, or a business owner looking to provide comprehensive medical care as a bonus to your staff, you're sure to find a company and package to suit your needs.

Here are some basic facts about private health insurance:

There are online comparison sites

Many people don't realise that there are online sites that compare medical insurance. If you have particularly individual needs this may not be the place to get an accurate quote, but it will help you get a good idea of market leaders like BUPA and Simplyhealth, and you can get a good idea of what the price ranges are for basic, medium and comprehensive cover.

Some companies are not listed on the comparison sites

Some companies are not listed on comparison sites which means they are either independent or need to be approached via a financial advisor. It's a good idea to use the sites as a base for your research, then contact any other companies you are interested in that aren't listed for an individual quote so you can compare it against the broad range of prices you have already seen.

You don't always have to fill in a questionnaire to get medical insurance

Many people assume they will need to fill out a lengthy questionnaire before they get approved for medical insurance. This is not the case. If you are a healthy person with little health care history, it is a good idea to use the questionnaire option as it will more than likely result in a cheaper premium. However if you do have health care issues that you know will increase your cover, you can opt for an auto-exclusion policy which gives you a better chance of treating an existing condition later on down the line.

To find out more about private health insurance and how to go about looking for the right policy, please visit the following link.



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